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Should I extend Credit to My Retail Customers

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Business Management | 0 comments

Having an extended line of credit is one of the biggest competitive would want to enjoy. Extending credit terms to your retail customers might end up being a blessing in disguise. But in the same way it might just end up being a nightmare as well. You can be assured that you will get some benefit out of extending your line of credit to your retail customers. But there are some cons as well that needs to be addressed. Here are some of the pros and cons of extending a line of credit to your retail customers.

It is an added advantage

In today’s competitive world, you need to make sure that you have added advantages to remain above the competition. It is very important that you give your clients something more than the normal in order to capture their attention. By extending credit to the retail consumers you can help them to feel better about the buy/. This will definitely lead to an increase in the revenue.

Increase in the revenue and sales

Generally, most businesses do not offer a line of credit to the retail consumers. It is more than normal to see that the retail consumers will have to pay for the things they are purchasing at the time of purchase. So many a time it is seen that consumers do not end up buying all the things they want in the worry of purchasing above their budget. But if they are offered credit terms, then it is likely that they will purchase more than what they purchased at instant payment basis. This will help to boost the revenue of the company and thus bring up the overall profits.

Added accounting and follow ups

If you are introducing a credit facility to the retail customers then you need to hype up your accounting game. You need to maintain a separate account that will consider all the different types of consumers who are being sold items on credit. This might even need you to hire a person who will be specialised in it. You will also require you to follow up on the consumers regarding the payment due from them. This might require you to incur extra expenses.

Collection fees of collection agencies

In case you are facing problems of retrieving back the amounts receivable by you, you will be required to appoint an agency who will get you back your dues. But this agency will charge you some fees or a percentage of the dues collected by them in the form of a collection fees. So this will another added expense on your behalf.

Should you offer a line of credit to retail customers?

There can be no specific answer to this question as it varies from business to business. If out feel that you will be able to bear all of the added expenses related to the cause, then you should definitely go for it as it will be a great way to make your business stand out among the other businesses.

How does drop shipping work

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Dropshipping | 0 comments

When anybody intends to start a business with selling items online, he can take help of drop shipping. Drop shipping is the service provided by whole sellers who are selling their items through other retailers by dropping ordered materials to the customer’s doorsteps. So, the small businessman will not have to take the hazard of delivery and only he has to order item to the whole sellers to drop it to the customers. So, any one with intention of starting small business can open an account online for selling items and can operate through door shippers.

Function of door shipping

Small businessman may try to search for door shippers and try to deliver the ordered materials through door shippers who are actually whole sellers. The businessman is operating as retailer and selling items of wholesalers through online store. When the retailer is getting the order for the selected items, he is in turn placing orders on the whole sellers. These whole sellers are actually door shippers who are delivering the items to the customer’s doorsteps. For this type of business, the person can operate the business sitting at home without any jumping here and there If the retailer gets good reliable source of door shipper, he can run the business smoothly.

Why choice of door shipper

When a person tries to run business, he should have capital and space to store the materials. But, if he does not have any space to store the materials and no capital, then what will he do? Will he stop thinking of business? No, door shippers aren’t here to help them. They are actually whole sellers. When whole sellers take orders, they accept in bulk. But, these small business men do not have capacity of capital that they can invest. Here, door shippers are giving options for door delivery in case of order is there. So, materials which are ordered by customers, will be directly delivered to the customers without any inventory block at businessman’s premises.

Operation through online

When a small business man is trying to sell some items, he can easily operate through online. He has to make an account at online apps like amazon, flip kart. He has to collect the photos from the whole sellers and float these to the store through the account. When anybody orders a particular item, he has to directly place the order to door shippers. The door shippers will directly deliver the items to the customer’s doorsteps. So, there is no capital needed and no inventory block.

How to earn profit

Whenever the businessman is placing an order for a single piece of item, definitely cost price will be higher than the rate of bulk order. If the cost price is higher than some sell price in the market, then those items will not be viable for selling as without capital. So, one has to go through proper market research before entering into the business. But, if you are able to make profit, you buy one item and sell one item and not in bulk. If profit is there, you can go ahead and search for good door shippers.

Online selling has become a huge success in today’s business world. Every day a new individual is coming up with the online business name. So, it is important to stay updated with services that can be beneficial in a number of ways such as drop shipping.

Produce Farming as a Business Opportunity that Can Save Lives

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in Business Opportunities | 0 comments

I had to drive down through South Carolina recently because of a family emergency. My old Chevy drove through miles and miles of large tracks of open land. Some had homes but nearly all of the property I passed was arable.

As an old Master Gardener volunteer in my local county I noticed that few people were growing anything but a lot of grass.

Who wants to mow grass?

Raise your hand.

It seemed like a missed opportunity, to me and maybe more missed opportunity than just growing healthy food for one’s own family.

In South Carolina’s warm climate it might be possible for people to grow food to sell, too. Cool winters might be nice for lettuce and broccoli and hot summers would be good for beans, peppers and squash and perhaps even non-GMO corn.

But no one there is doing it.

It’s been a long time since much farming has gone on in many parts for the southeastern US.

Growing and eating real food is so important to the health of all humans that leaving it to the big food companies is like asking to get diabetes and heart disease. Packaged foods and fast foods are NOT food.

They WILL make you sick. In fact our government has allowed big food companies to poison many of us in a truly spectacular breach of fiduciary trust. If you want to know why your 12 Year old child has diabetes and/or high blood pressure (as the son of one of my friends did) look in your own cabinets.

If a food comes in a box, DON”T BUY IT! Especially don’t feed it to your kids or anyone you love.

Buy and eat and GROW better food.

Another issue is that many people, the ones that are REALLY in desperate need of healthier food, are too ill to do the necessary work to grow it.

It’s a vicious cycle that can only have the worst outcome, people are dying of really unhealthy diets. It’s criminal to only have them eating the kinds of food that made them sick in the first place.

They need real, fresh food that they could grow if they were not so ill.

There are many places in this country where people could grow food and provide healthier food to those who need it the most, often the poorest and sickest people who are testing our national budget to the max.

I know you’ve heard the politicians complain about it in the obnoxious and paltry way they have of blaming the victim.

The pure fact that few people have farmed recently in South Carolina creates an opportunity for many farmers to grow officially labeled and certified organic crops that sell all over the US at a significant premium price. One of the requirements of certified organic vegetables and fruits is that banned chemical fertilizers and pesticides have not been applied to a piece of property for about 8 years.

A lot of the land has been sitting fallow for longer than that already.

And many of the properties with mobile homes and small houses have yards large enough provide families with healthier food and gardens and other food to sell or donate, too.

Maybe it’s time to stop the cycle of eating foods that make people sick and fat and start growing the kinds of foods that can help them be lean and well and strong again. The beauty of it…the possibility to change people’s lives by feeding them real food with actual nutrients…is enough to get many of us looking at growing a garden even if we have never done it before, and just so happens to be a giant business opportunity if done right.

What is an Asset Based Loan?

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in Asset Based Loan | 0 comments

There are various decisions in life which you fail to take because of the need of a large sum of money. There are lots of things in life that require money for its accomplishment. Some of the examples are, starting a business, buying any gadget or furniture, planning for higher education and many more. The factor that can save you in such situation is a loan. The loan is an essential factor in life. Granting a loan can help you to achieve what you want. There are huge options available on the market that can grant you a loan. However, very few options turn out to be fruitful. One of the best sources of asset based loans for many businesses is the SBA. Realize however, that the SBA doesn’t actually loan you money, they simply guarantee loans issued to qualified SBA lenders (mostly banks). Also understand that just because one SBA lender turns you down for a loan (working capital based, equipment based or real estate based) doesn’t mean you can’t still get a loan backed by the SBA as each Small Business Administration lender has their own set of lending requirements.

A safe and easy loan system

In the midst of all these options you often get confused. Various kinds of loans are available for you, but the best option in terms of the loan is an asset based loan aka an asset based facility. Nothing can be as safe as asset based lending or loan. The basic concept of an asset-based loan is very simple. It this system you can get your loan against any vital asset of yours. This is very safe and easy. One of the examples of asset-based lending would be mortgage where your asset is secured against the money that you are granted. This mode of loan system is helping a lot of people.


Easy loan repayments

In this system of loan your asset is secured instead of money. In normal loan if you are unable to repay your loan then you may have to face a lot of trouble thing like visiting court trials. Whereas in the case of asset lending if your loan is not repaid the bank or organization takes away your asset. To relieve your asset you have to repay the amount. This is a very easy and simple loan system. It makes your loan repayment less hectic. However, asset-based loans are done in the case of business and large corporation lending.

Low rates of interest

The asset-based loan system is very helpful in certain cases when normal routes or process of raising funds are not possible such as capital markets. In such cases asset-based loan or lending becomes very essential. Moreover, these kinds of loan system come with very lower interest rates. You do not have to worry about high-interest payments if you are taking the advantage of asset-based loans. These are very simple to get and very easy to maintain.

Way to get your loan

If you are looking for asset-based loan system, then you will be happy to know that getting these loans are very simple. You just have to follow few essential steps:

  • Fill the online application forms which are available for asset-based loan
  • Show the authentic proof of ownership of your asset or securities
  • Wait for verification
  • Read the terms and condition which will be provided to you after verification
  • Sign the valuable documents
  • Arrange all the securities that need to be mortgaged
  • Wait for your funds which would be issued to you in 4 to 5 days

These simple steps can get you your asset based loan system.